What is the Weegy Foundation?

The Weegy Foundation is a non-profit private foundation primarily funded by Purple Inc. and the Weegy community to help bring positive change to the world that is meaningful and tangible.

What do you do?

The Weegy Foundation is engaged in, and provides funding for, a wide range of projects that reflect a belief in our guiding principles, where direct, hands-on action leads to relevant and positive effects on the lives of people, other living things, and our environment. Our activities include programs that provide food, water, and shelter to people in need, protection to those who are experiencing injustice, and environmental and animal-rights issues. We don’t invest our time and money unwisely. Everything we do must consist of straightforward action--in the field or in the courtroom--where we can see that we’re making a difference.

What are your guiding principles?

  • All people have inalienable rights. They are: to live in a world with justice, a reasonable expectation of safety, a voice in their government, healthy food, clean water, education, affordable health-care.

  • All living things on Earth deserve to be treated humanely.

  • Our environment must be protected and preserved for our children. Resource utilization must be non-polluting, sustainable, and renewable.

What kinds of projects are you involved in?

We are involved in a variety of issues and activities that meet the following requirements:

  • A project must involve a clearly defined need or issue relevant to elements of our guiding principles.

  • Any commitment of resources must be provided directly, where our time and money go immediately to those in need.

  • A project must have a clearly defined size and scope with an expectation of quantifiable results within a reasonable time period.

  • Legal issues must be resolvable in a court system in which a legal process can occur, where a valid legal complaint can be brought against a person, government, or entity.

  • Projects are typically proposed by members of the Weegy community. The directors of the Weegy Foundation help guide the selection process.

What can I do?

  • If you’re a Weegy user, keep asking questions, and tell your friends about Weegy!

  • If you’re a Weegy expert, always provide good answers, and please add comments and new answers to questions in Weegy Search. Thank you!

  • Bring it to our attention. If you are aware of an issue, situation, problem, program, need, or injustice, please tell us about it. Weegy is here to help.

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