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can you give me an example of procedural law
Procedural Law – Examples Example 1 Assume that Johnny files a complaint against his City for refusing to allow him to speak with a loudspeaker at a local public park during business hours. [ Johnny files his complaint in federal court because he’s concerned with his First Amendment freedom of speech rights. Johnny’s lawsuit is a civil action (as opposed to a criminal action). So, the federal rules of civil procedure will apply to Johnny’s case. The federal rules of civil procedure set the base for how procedural law works in federal courts. But particular federal courts are free to add
"local rules" that do not conflict with the general federal rules of civil procedure. So, depending on where Johnny lives, such as New York, Alabama, California, or Hawaii, and the court and judge to which the case is assigned, Johnny will have to follow any additional "local rules" for that particular court. In other words, this is one example of how procedural rules can vary from court to court. ]
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