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5 ways which heart disease impact a teenager's life
Children said that physical items most affected their quality of life. [ Both children and teenagers endorsed items in the physical dimension more frequently than did their parents and health care providers. All groups said that physical limitations affected quality of life. Dr. Warren agrees that the restriction of sports can be a real source of frustration for children and teenagers. ?One of the hardest things to do is talk about exercise restrictions. Exercise is so much a part of play, and play is a big part of their lives, so we are in effect handicapping them by telling them they
can?t exercise. Dr. Warren suggests that doctors and parents should focus on what young people with heart disease can do, not what they cannot. ?Teenage boys, for example, all want to lift weights. It may not be advisable to lift weights, but they can still stay active by playing golf or swimming.? In terms of other physical items, children, teenagers, and their parents said that having to take medication had a major impact on quality of life. ]
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