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give exaamples of positive and negative aspects of being labelled as having a learning disability
s placing a label of learning disabled on a child more harmful than helpful? The answer to this question depends on the individual child, the nature of the disability, and the child's environment. [ [ The decision is not always easy, and a parent should carefully consider the pros and cons. In order for a child to receive special services, the law requires that the child meet specific criteria. It is not enough for a child to be learning disabled; they must qualify according to law. Thus they must be "labeled", rather than simply being diagnosed. Why might a parent choose to not have their
child labeled as having a learning disability? Labels are for life, and many parents fear that having such a label attached to their child will cause people to treat them in a negative way. Most people do not understand what it means to have a learning disability, and may discriminate against someone who is labeled as such. Parents, teachers and other children may all treat the child in ways that may be hurtful, and affect their self-esteem. Children can be cruel, and frequently call students labeled learning disabled names, and treat them as if they are defective. The child himself may feel negatively about himself because of the label. Parents who do not understand the nature of learning disabilities may think that such a diagnosis does mean that their child is defective as well. This may cause them either to refuse to have their child evaluated, or to think that a child who is diagnosed with a learning disability is incapable of engaging in any activities normally done by children their age. Though teachers are professionals, sometimes it is hard not to let their emotions get in the way. Teachers who are not extensively trained about learning disabilities may think they understand a child's problems, when they really don't. They may have unrealistic expectations of the child, or make assumptions that a child can't manage something that they actually can. Choosing to allow a child to be labeled as learning disabled can provide the child with many advantages. The child will receive special services from the school. ] ]
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