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Discuss what eight ways of air pollution in which the enviromental problem impact on the within your community and any other community within south africa
Lack of water South Africa's freshwater supply is almost stretched to its limit. Less than 10% of South Africa?s rainfall is available as surface water, one of the lowest conversion ratios in the world. [ [ The country?s groundwater resources are equally limited. Despite regulations of river waters, in many catchments the need for water exceeds the supply and quality is often below standards. Given the projected growth in population and economic development, South Africa faces tough times in meeting water demands in the decades ahead. The shortfall in freshwater is tied to growing
demands, but also to other issues such as loss of natural habitat and potentially climate change. / ?: WWF-Canon / John E. NEWBY Used tires dumped on the beach, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, Republic Of South Africa. ? WWF-Canon / John E. NEWBY Destruction of natural habitats The land of the "fine-leaved plants", the South African Fynbos, is one of the world?s most impressive botanical kingdoms - a mind-boggling variety of plants that is richer than any other comparable sized area in Africa. An estimated 8,500 species of vascular plants, of which 70% are endemic (they are found nowhere else in the world), are reported here. But because the area has been heavily settled for several centuries, large swathes of natural vegetation, particularly in the lowlands, have been cleared for agriculture and urban development. Similar problems face the Namib-Karoo-Kaokeveld desert, a very distinctive and floristically rich ecoregion with highly diverse endemic plant communities. Here, poor land management, conversion of marginal lands for cultivation, dam construction, mining, and illegal extraction of selected succulents for black market trade, pose a suite of threats. What is WWF doing? / ?: WWF What is WWF doing? ? WWF Overfishing Along the West Coast of South Africa, there is persistent overharvesting of many commercially valuable species and products such as pilchard, anchovy and rock lobster. ] ]
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