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where you might use a form in a database application
database application allows you to tie together all of the other objects that you have created for your database users from a single form, and removes the need for the users to have to openly navigate from within the database window. [ You can also use this as the interface for your application, removing the chances of your users tampering with any of the objects that lie behind the scene of your application. ]
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Weegy: Databases are used in many applications, spanning virtually the entire range of computer software. Databases are the preferred method of storage for large multiuser applications, where coordination between many users is needed. [ Even individual users find them convenient, and many electronic mail programs and personal organizers are based on standard database technology. Software database drivers are available for most database platforms so that application software can use a common Application Programming Interface to retrieve the information stored in a database. Two commonly used database APIs are JDBC and ODBC. source: wikipedia ] (More)
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