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Describe the different features of electronic message systems
Because of the diversity of messaging systems available, most business need to use more than one, [ partly because they are not all suitable for all the applications required and also because the recipients might not have access to all the systems (sometimes intentionally, such as an internal memo system). There are two basic formats, paper and electronic. Obviously, now-a-days, electronic methods are becoming the more common of the two. For example, a paper letter focuses on the formality of the system's messages whereas an electronic mail messages is usually of low formality. Each system
has its own benefits and drawbacks. I’ve listed a few below but you may be able to add others. They are divided into paper, electronic and voice: Poster / notice board announcement: Often used for policy or safety messages. Can be informal or entertaining. Easily read and can be seen by anyone (provided notice boards are widely positioned). Equally easily ignored, people can stop seeing the message if not changed frequently. If forgotten, aged messages can still be displayed causing confusion. ]
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