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Hi there, I have recently read and come across this website and find it most interesting. I would really appreciate a reply from you in the comments if thats even possible or a reply from someone. Im sixteen years old and female, and ever since the last day of my school term which was a friday i think and it is the 1st february now which makes it 6 weeks in total i have not been well. Here is what happened -

the day i broke up from school i went out with my friends and very stupidly (ate something off the floor - not sure if this is at all relevant! !) but went home and looked forward to the holidays, although i will say that evening i did not feel right. Everything seemed mostly fine and i put it down to being overworked and stressed from all my course work at school and enjoyed my brother being home from uni. I am not sure when it was but a few days or a day after and we were watching tv together after dinner when i suddenly came over extremely dizzy and hot and i couldnt breathe. I felt sick and my skin tingled and i felt like id never done before. My mum sat me down asked my brother to talk to me while she got me a glass of water. We first thought it could be do with the medication i am on - sertraline 50 mg - for a mild anxiety disorder. I went to bed trying hard not to worry, although i did. The next morning, i felt mostly fine, and put it down to tirdness again or some mild virus. the next day however, i woke feeling suuuuper suuuperr dizy ans sick. This was around the time in the south west in the uk that the snow started. I felt suuuper dizzy for days then started feeling suuper super nauseaus it was absouletly unbarable. I also felt hot and cold and my skin felt tingly and on fire at times. my throat was slightly sore and i felt liek someone was presssing on my head. i also felt upset, down (low) and spaced out and not myself and i panicked it was to do with my medication. the next day, my diarehea started and i just stayed in bed feeling absouletly exhasuted, spaced out and low. Christmas day was the peak of whatever ihave contracted. I WANTED TO DIE. no exageration, i didnt feel sick strangely, but my mum said i looked the colour of the walls, almost yellow and i fellt so tired it was so weird. I ate christmas dinner and for some reason it was fine? i didnt feel sick wich i was surprised about. we went for a walk later on and i felt sooo ill and low i burst into tears worrying the medication was like killing me or something and wen we got home my family who were round watched tv while i just lay on the floor feeling awful. Boxing day the next day and i felt just as bad. Absolutely exhausted, sick - EXTREMLY hot and cold and had a temperature. More family arrived and they were told i was ill and said the usual'ahh hope she okay ' etc and later i came down briefly to say hi and went back up to bed. I fell asleep from sheer exahustion and sickness and later my uncle brought me some soup and left it there for me. I felt better when i woke up and had the soup but as soon as i went down stairs i felt SH*T again. This all conitnued for weeks, i had a sore throat as well. Had blodd test for glandular fever came back negative, despite reading evrywhere that GF hardly shows up on blood tests due to its cyclic nature?
Its six weeks since it started and i have a sore throat extreme tirdness!!!!!!! EXTREME!! and the spaced out feeling and hot and cold comes over me still. I feel sick on and off still and dont want to do anything and do not feel myself. I started feeling better last week and then had pe on friday and saturday evening felt just as bad again. Am off school today, having blood tests for anything although the doctors have mentioned chronic fatigue syndrome to me. ANY COMMENT HELP ADVISE THEORY ANYTHING - literally please post anything you have.(

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