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Discuss eight ways in which air pollution problem impat on the within south africa or globally
Air pollution is the transfer of harmful amounts of natural and synthetic materials into the atmosphere as a direct or indirect action of human activity. Air pollution can be divided into mobile and stationary sources. [ [ Mobile sources include transportation such as automobiles, busses, trains and aeroplanes whereas stationary sources include factories, incinerators and electric power plants. (Fuggle R.F., Rabie M.A. 1992 : 601) Air pollution in GJMC constitute a number of driving forces from human activities namely: 1. Burning of solid waste The burning of refuse is very dangerous, as it
is a combination of many materials made up of different chemicals. For example burning of plastic release toxic chemicals harmful to health. 2. Transportation Transportation systems such as automobiles are the biggest cause of air pollution especially in Greater Johannesburg, due to the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. Exhaust fumes from engines release different kinds of harmful pollutants, the main being carbon monoxide. Traffic give off nitrous oxides and hydrocarbons forming ozone, which cause photochemical smog. Of particular importance is the emission of diesel from heavy-duty vehicles as their maintenance is often a problem. 3. Domestic sources of air pollution Economic progress normally constitute a development through what is called the "fuel ladder" where communities start of by using coal, paraffin, LPG gass and eventually electricity moving through the transitional fuel process. The various development patterns within the South African context has given rise to the utilization of all the abovementioned fuels for cooking and heating either as one or a combination of them. The fuel being used is influenced by the economic status of a community or individual. This then constitute a range of environmental impacts in terms of environmental quality, environmental health and sustainable use of non-renewable energy resources. 4. Mining Mining processes are mainly responsible for air pollution in the form of dust, especially where these mines are not covered with vegetation. 5 ]
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