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How do phone companies differentiate from it's competitiors in the marketing industry?
High Quality Customer Service Traditionally contact centres have often been referred to as 'cost centres' and a necessary business expense, however, if used correctly they can have a significant impact on customer retention. [ They can add real market value and prove to be a successful business tool. The key to keeping customers happy and ensuring that they stay with your company, is to provide them with the information they need, when they need it. This is often easier said than done. Agents frequently have to access many different databases to find all of the relevant information in
order to satisfy a customer enquiry. The answer lies in an integrated desktop, which enables agents to access all the information they need through a single screen, including product details and availability as well as customer histories. This means that they do not need to separately navigate the many silos of data that may already exist within your business - freeing up agents' time to provide truly personalized service. ]
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Phone companies differentiate from competitors in the marketing industry through various strategies such as unique features, pricing, branding, network coverage, and customer service to attract and retain customers.

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why is it important for marketing to come up with new ways to compete with other companies?
Weegy: When companies are forced to compete with each other, consumers win. New, better products are developed. Prices go down [ ] (More)
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Updated 241 days ago|7/4/2023 12:46:56 AM
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It is important for marketing to come up with new ways to compete with other companies because: Higher demand for products, which can mean increased revenue. More innovation in the industry, which can create better, more reliable products and lead to important discoveries.
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definition of equivalent set
Weegy: equivalent sets [i¦kwiv·?·l?nt 'sets] (mathematics) Sets which have the same cardinal number; sets whose elements can be put into one-to-one correspondence with each other. [ Also known as equinumerable sets; equipotent sets. ] (More)
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Equivalent sets are sets that contain the same number of elements.
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why is promotion implemented at Avon company?
Weegy: Please clarify. (More)
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Updated 158 days ago|9/25/2023 9:07:20 AM
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Promotion is implemented at Avon company to create awareness of their beauty and cosmetic products, drive sales, and establish a strong brand presence in the beauty industry.

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why does price of the marketing mix affect the development of Discover's marketing strategy and tactics?
Weegy: The marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing and by marketing professionals. [ The marketing mix is often crucial when determining a product or brand's offering, and is often synonymous with the four Ps: price, product, promotion, and place; in service marketing, however, the four Ps have been expanded to the sevenPs or eight Ps to address the different nature of services. This is the time to think of new strategies for distributing your products or services. Thanks! ] (More)
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The price of a product online determines how much margin that product will make, a portion of which can be used for marketing. If the product has high margins, marketers have more money to market a product. However, if a product has lower margins, there is less money for a marketing strategy.
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What is the complement of a universal set?
Weegy: The complement of the universal set is the empty set. (More)
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Asked 4/1/2013 8:36:32 PM
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