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a girl knows i like her
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Asked 3/17/2012 11:01:16 AM
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User: a girl knows i like her

Weegy: Okay. Does she also like you? Are you looking for advice?
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User: yes i am, she is very shy but we've become very close recently. she's gone out of her way to help me several times and has always been very sweet to me but i don't know if she likes me more than just a friend

Weegy: You can start by asking her out somewhere just the two of you. Start with something casual and see how things go. If she isn't interested in you that way, she will let you know.
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User: sometimes she won't respond to a message i send her but whenever we talk she's always very nice, we can talk for hours on end without running out of stuff to chat about

Weegy: Being able to talk for hours is a good start for any relationship. There could be many reasons she doesn't respond to your messages. She may have strict parents who limit her use of her cell phone or computer. She could just be busy. [ If you have good conversations when you are together and she is nice to you, you have a good chance of developing a relationship. ]
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User: we've gone to movies together, ate out together, stuff like that. i'm just afraid to tell her how i feel, especially since the last person she dated was my best friend

Weegy: Have you gone to movies and out to eat just the two of you? If she goes out alone with you, then you are already dating. If she wasn't interested she would say no.
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User: yea it was just the two of us, she comes over around once of week and just the two of us hang out. i don't know if it's dating, since friends do that stuff too. the latest thing that happened was i wrote a song for her, i didn't know this but she told a friend that it made her month

Weegy: Oh, she likes you! Girls don't usually spend that much time alone with a guy unless they are romantically interested in them. Sure friends do that stuff, but it is more often as a group, not just one on one. Go for it. [ Ask her out a few more times and ask her if she is interested in spending more time together. ]
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User: i'm just not sure what to do, if a girl knows i like her wouldn't she take some kind of initiative if she also liked me?

Weegy: Not necessarily, especially if she is shy. She may be just waiting for you to make the first move. Girls don't want to come across as too forward. Girls prefer to be chased than to do the chasing. [ I know times have changed and girls are a bit more outgoing but they definitely still like playing hard to get to find out if a guy is really into them. ]
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User: im just really confused, apparently she and her ex/my friend still text even though their relationship ended badly. she told him that i wrote her a song for her, tells him when we hang out, etc. i dunno why she does that, any idea?

Weegy: She may just still be friends with him, she could be trying to make him jealous or just letting him know she is moving on. I can't say what she is feeling. The only way you are going to know what is in her mind is to just go for it and ask her.
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Asked 3/17/2012 11:01:16 AM
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