Who is Weegy?

Weegy.com is a community-based expert system that belongs to all of us. Got a question? Go to weegy.com. Have a problem? Go to weegy.com. Weegy will usually have the answer (or an answer, at least). She will possibly become the most respected authority in the world on all subjects…

…and she is getting smarter every day…

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While working on iTalk, our expert system for online self-service support, an idea emerged from our development team:

This could be bigger than we first imagined. Why not build a universally accessible expert system that is created, educated, maintained, and utilized by the global community?

Without a lot of hesitation, we decided to do it.

The concept, in broad terms, is:

  • Build a simple 'google-like' web portal where users can engage Weegy in problem-solving conversation.

  • Recruit 'Weegy experts' in a variety of specific knowledge categories. (e.g. automobile repair, financial advice, health and fitness, and countless others categories).

  • When Weegy cannot continue a conversation (as will often happen when Weegy is young and impressionable), she will immediately contact the first available expert to help her continue the conversation.

  • All conversation threads become a part of Weegy's knowledge and understanding of the world, and help her to become smarter. She will learn by listening to users and Weegy experts talk with each other; no other special setup or maintenance is required to build Weegy's intelligence.

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Do you want to help create of the largest and most comprehensive expert system in the world?
  • Weegy experts will take part in a truly exciting and stimulating endeavor that will provide a positive contribution to the global community.

  • Weegy experts become online leaders of a community of people who share your interests.

  • Weegy experts are real people - just like you. They include professionals, educators, students and stay-at-home dads and moms: anyone who has knowledge and a willingness to share it!

  • Weegy experts can participate whenever and wherever they want. No amount of participation is too little or too much.

  • Being a Weegy expert is a labor of love and an opportunity to be seen as a leader. Weegy experts work hard because they are passionate about their areas of expertise and they love to help people.

  • Weegy experts are paid $0.20 (USD), on average, for each conversation that they are involved in.[1] Payments are transferred to your PayPal account when your account reaches $20. You can view an online summary of your compensation status at any time.

Weegy PRO and Weegy Research
  • Weegy's fee services allow experts who have established themselves in their area of knowledge to earn a higher level of income from users who are willing to pay a small fee for their premium expertise and advice.

  • For a small fee, Weegy Pro provides an online chat based consultation while Weegy Research provides more in-depth investigation and information collection.

  • Both services allow users to select their expert, so it's important for experts to establish their credibility and rating through the standard Weegy chat service and by posting comments in Weegy Search.

Next Steps

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[1]Weegy.com pays experts on a variable rate basis. See The Most Important Things a Weegy Expert Should Know for more information.

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Weegy: If you Factor 2n+4, the answer would be 2(n+2).
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