1. Learn how to answer questions as a Weegy expert.
  • Log in.

  • Click the Expert tab and keep the Expert page open.

  • Wait for Weegy to notify you about a conversation she cannot continue.

  • Accept or reject the conversation.

  • If you accept, enter your response.

  • Click the Add response to knowledgebase checkbox if your response would be the correct response, in every future case, to the entire preceding conversation. Weegy will add your response to her knowledgebase and use it to answer a similar question the next time it is asked. (Notes will be automatically removed from a conversation when the conversation is added to the knowledgebase.)

  • Set the Expiration. Weegy will keep your response in her knowledgebase for as long as you specify.

  • Click Enter.

  • If the user responds, please continue the conversation.

  • Note: You don't have to know everything. You can reject questions that you can't answer (Weegy will move on to the next Weegy expert). You can search for answers on the web during a conversation. You can pass a conversation on to another expert at any point during a conversation (select the action Pass Conversation to Another Expert and click Enter).
2. You can earn more as a Weegy Pro and Weegy Research expert.
  • Weegy's fee services allow experts who have established themselves in their area of knowledge to earn a higher level of income from users who are willing to pay a small fee for their premium expertise and advice.

  • For a small fee, Weegy Pro provides an online chat based consultation while Weegy Research provides more in-depth investigation and information collection.

  • Both services allow users to select their expert, so it's important for experts to establish their credibility and rating through the standard Weegy chat service and by posting comments in Weegy Search.

  • Experts will always be listed in points order, so higher points leads to more high paying questions.

3. You can earn income through the Weegy referral program.
  • Earn $0.50 every time a referred user asks a Weegy Pro or Weegy Research question.

  • It's simple. Share your link in any acceptable manner: in your websites, blogs, and personal communication. If a referral signs up, they will always be associated with you, and you'll receive a referral fee every time they ask a Pro or Research question, forever![1]

  • Weegy referrals can provide a steady source of significant recurring income.

4. You should add new answers and comments to as many questions as possible.
  • Why? Comments will lead to more Weegy Pro and Weegy Research questions. If a comment is helpful and informative to a user, the user will want to communicate with you, and they can only do that with Weegy Pro and Weegy Research. When you comment on a question, the user who asked the question will be alerted through email. This drives users back to Weegy.com and to the paying services.

  • How? Go to Search (click the Search link at the top of the page) and then click View all conversations. Click on conversations that interest you and add helpful comments.

5. Understand Weegy points.
  • You earn points based on your contribution to Weegy.com

  • Points are awarded as follows: 10 points for each positive rating, 10 points for each accepted invitation or referred user, 1 point for each new answer or comment.

  • You need 30 points to get unlimited answers from live experts.

  • Points are important because experts are always listed in point order--experts with higher points are always listed first. Higher points will lead to more high paying questions.

6. You can earn higher levels and privileges.
  • You achieve levels by earning points. 1,000 points = 1 level.

  • As you earn levels, you are allowed to do more on the site.

    Level 1:

    Can flag answers or comments as incorrect.

    Level 5:

    Can delete an answer or comment in Weegy Search.

    New answers are automatically given a rating of 3 and, if possible, are added to the knowledgebase.


    Moderators are recognized as having achieved a special level at weegy.com and play an important role in helping weegy.com to become the most trusted and reliable Q&A site on the web. For this reason, they deserve your respect and utmost consideration.

    Weegy moderators, who are selected by their peers and Weegy administrators, have contributed significantly to weegy.com by consistently providing accurate answers and by actively participating on the site.

    Moderators have additional privileges:

    Can flag (or unflag) answers or comments as incorrect.

    Can delete an answer or comment in Weegy Search.

    New answers are automatically given a rating of 3 and, if possible, are added to the knowledgebase.

    Can delete a conversation if it is profane or inappropriate.

    Can block a user.

    Can warn, and potentially suspend, an expert.

    Can nominate an expert to be a moderator.

    Can confirm answers as correct, not copied, and helpful.

    Can edit conversations.

    Are given a direct email address to Weegy support staff and receive the highest level of attention and support.

7. Weegy.com pays experts on a variable rate basis.
  • We pay a variable rate to reward experts who consistently provide correct and helpful answers and who are actively participating on the site by correcting answers and adding comments.

  • The pay rate varies by conversation and depends on several factors, including: the question and answer quality, the expert level, total points achieved, the time of day (6 AM to 10 PM MST [1 PM to 5 AM GMT] is best), flag rate, user ratings, warnings, length of time as a Weegy expert, active participation on the site, and an evaluation by Weegy administrators.

  • In some cases, we will reduce payment on a conversation that may not have originated from a legitimate user. This determination is based on several factors, including whether or not the user has previously answered a question.

  • Although we cannot disclose the specific pay rate formula, an established expert, who consistently provides quality answers and actively participates on the site by contributing new answers and comments, will earn an average rate of $0.20 or more per conversation.

  • Experts also earn a variable rate of pay for new answers added in Weegy Search.

  • Moderators earn $0.05 for every conversation and new answer that they confirm.

8. Weegy.com is a family-safe site.
  • Any question, answer, or comment that contains adult, mature, profane, or family inappropriate content, as well as pages that contain links to such content, should be deleted immediately. Also delete converssations that contain copyrighted content.

  • Depending on your user level, you may see 2 buttons below a conversation: Use the Block button to delete the conversation and block the user from the site. Use the Delete button to delete the conversation only.

  • If your user level does not permit you to block a user or delete a conversation, please notify a moderator or administrator.

9. The Weegy Foundation.
  • The Weegy Foundation is a non-profit private foundation primarily funded by Purple Inc. and the Weegy community to help bring positive change to the world that is meaningful and tangible. It’s an important part of what weegy.com is all about.

  • Please add comments and new answers to questions in Weegy Search. For every comment and new answer, you earn a point, and Purple Inc. will donate $0.10 to the Weegy Foundation on your behalf for each one. Read more.

10. Weegy experts must follow the rules.
  • Please read The Rules. Every answer provided by an expert is reviewed by Weegy moderators. Experts who violate the rules will receive official warnings that will negatively affect your pay rate and account standing. Warnings can be viewed at your Account (Public View) page.

11. Maintain your account.

[1]Please do not SPAM. Your referral link should be shared in any acceptable manner: in your websites, blogs, and personal communication. Please do not add a referral link to any site that serves as a link farm, link exchange, or traffic exchange. Thank you.
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