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History of macpherson constitution
The 1951 Macpherson’s constitution As a result of non-consultation, the criticism and rejection of the Richard’s constitution was immediate. [ This led to a series of activities that culminated in the making of the Macpherson constitution of 1951 also named after the then Governor Sir John Macpherson. It is instructive to note that before the Macpherson constitution was promulgated into law, the
draft was debated at village, district, provincial and regional level. In addition, there was a general conference held in Ibadan to discuss the draft. Part of the questions posed to the people at the various conferences included whether or not: ‘we would wish to have a fully centralized system with all legislative and executive powers concentrated at the centre(that is unitary government), or develop a federal system under which each region would exercise a measure of federal autonomy’ The preference for Federalism was overwhelming. The Macpherson’s constitution has been described as a catalyst for the Federal structure adopted. The constitution provided for three regions. The autonomy of the various regions was also put to test. The West and the East showed Enthusiasm in maintaining their own affairs and were thus granted internal autonomy in 1957. The North did so in 1959. ]
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