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If a studio chain has 8 region managers who each oversee 8 district managers who each in turn oversee 15 studios. How many total studios are there?
Weegy: There are 960 total studios. User: What is the smallest number of portraits that can be distributed equally among either four grandparents or six aunts and uncles with no portraits left over? Weegy: 12 can distributed evenly among 4 or 6 with no remainder. User: If a salesperson places telephone calls to 80 potential customers, speaks with 60% of them, and books appointments with 50% of the customers she speaks with, how many customers does she book? Weegy: 24 User: A $200.00 sweater has been marked down to $120.00. What percentage discount from the original price does the markdown represent? Weegy: 40% User: The sum of two numbers is 57. One of the numbers is 21. Which of the following equations could be used to find the other number? Weegy: x = 57 - 21Any other question? Please click "Good" if satisfied with the answer User: A photographer conducted three sessions yesterday. She completed the first session in 56 minutes, the second in 42 minutes and the third in 1 hour and 16 minutes. How many hours did it take her to complete all three sessions? Weegy: That would be . 56 mins + 42mins + 76 mins = 174 mins which is equivalent to 2 hours and 54 minutes.. Any other question? If satisfied with the answer, please click "Good". User: What fraction is the same as 62/8? An answer is required Weegy: There are innumerable fractions that are the same as the above as follows... 62/8 = 31/4 = 128/ 16 = 256/32 ..... [ [ It goes on.... Generally, the equivalent ones can be obtained by multiplying or dividing the numerator and the denominator by the same value... i.e. say the value is 2 Then dividing the num and den by 2 leads to (62/2)/(8/2) = 31/4 and so on.... and the same goes for multiplication too.... Hence there are innumerable equivalents for the above fraction.. ] ] (More)
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Updated 11/5/2011 12:03:31 AM
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(8 region managers) X (8 district managers) X (15 studios) = How many total studios are there? 8 X 8 = 64 X 15 = 960
Added 11/5/2011 12:03:31 AM
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