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what differentiates police culture from other careers?
Weegy: The study of police culture has traditionally been from two perspectives: the sociological; and the psychological. [ [ In recent years, however (ever since the Christopher Commission report that studied the Rodney King incident), we have witnessed the emergence of another perspective ? the anthropological. Anthropological Concepts: Worldview -- This is a mentality or cognitive orientation involving how people see themselves and see others. Police are said to have a "we-they" or "us-them" worldview. This in-group, we (police) v. they (civilians). Solidarity is associated with the idea of police subculture, but in practice the more general term culture is commonly used to describe everything police share in common. Ethos -- This is the idea of a spirit or force in the organization that reflects an unwritten (and largely unspoken) value system. It's what makes daily life worth living. Police culture is said to have the following elements in its ethos: bravery, autonomy, and secrecy. Theme -- this is the idea of a belief system that regulates or guides the kinds of relationships or social interactions (scripts, roles) that people have inside and outside of their culture. In the case of policing, for example, the belief that you are never off duty would be a theme constraining a full interactive life with the general public. Postulate -- Postulates are beliefs the integrate (homogenize, or make alike) the people in the culture. They do this by being neat little proverbs that simplify a vast amount of complex information. For example: "don't talk too much or too little" would be a postulate. ] ] (More)
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Asked 7/21/2011 9:56:55 PM
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