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Q: given the trends of ubiquitous computing and media rich environments, how might communication at work evolve in the next five years?
A: January Predicting the future is an essential element of most businesses ? without a view of what?s likely to happen it?s difficult to make intelligent investment decisions. [ In Wireless Communicatons: The Future, a personal prediction by William Webb of Ofcom, Webb helps us to envisage what the communications future holds for us. With a track record of successful predictions, Webb provides a
solid, clear and well-argued basis on which to make the predictions of how the wireless industry will evolve. Supported by contributions from eminent wireless experts, he discusses how the next 20 years will see a very substantial, but steady change in the way we live. Webb points out that little new technology is needed to make us rely heavily on a single device that will manage all our professional and personal communications needs. This evolution will be based on massively enhanced services, turning the mobile phone into an organiser, entertainment device, payment device, security centre and much more. To make this happen Webb predicts that one of the greatest changes is that broadcasting and communications will become a seamless network so that any content is available through any channel at any time. He also highlights the areas which will witness significant growth while predicting areas which won?t be so successful in the future. Ten years ago the mobile phone was purely used for making calls. Today it is a camera, music player, organiser and texting device as well as phone. This is only the start of an evolution over the next twenty years that will turn it into our trusted and indispensable companion in life. ]
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Asked 7/16/2011 9:33:00 AM
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