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Q: the donkey cart story
A: Alright, so this is a summary on the short story Donkey Cart written by S.T. Hwang. [ The main character wasn't mentioned in the story so we just assumed that he might be our main character, anyway the summary goes like this: A teacher in a small town in the northwest of china named S.T Hwang decided to go back home because he can't endure the isolation. However, on the departure point most of
the cart engaged in carrying local products so S.T Hwang spends time at the restaurant to eat and rest while waiting for the next cart. Time passed a boy shouted that an available cart had arrived. Hwang recognized the driver as Lin Ng, an old man with most unsavory reputation but he decided to take a risk. While in the journey Lin Ng told to S.T Hwang the truth about his unsavory rumors which made our main character realize that Lin Ng wasn't a bad person after all. He later believed him so he dropped the stone he brought before he took the ride until they reach the train station. Lin Ng requested to him to write his friends in town about Lin Ng and S.T Hwang assured of it. If you could read the whole story, you will find out why Lin Ng was accussed of being bad throughout his live and how he tried to live out of it. Right now, I'm still looking for a copy of that story. ]
jher000|Points 4689|
Asked 8/19/2011 1:25:07 AM
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