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i commented on questions like 25 times but only 6 points are showing up. why is that?
Weegy: Not sure, I haven't received any points for comments either. What is your expert name? User: i just started using weegy today. could that have something to do with it? Weegy: Maybe so, I thought I changed my settings, so I wouldn't get questions from experts, because it didn't pay me. Have you gotten many questions yet? User: really? that sucks, maybe the system is off. i havent got a single question yet :/ but i hope i will soon! i really want to figure weegy out Weegy: really, i'm surprised you haven't gotten one yet, how long have you been logged on? User: about 2 hours. maybe i'm doing something wrong...what do you do to get to the screen that brings up user questions? Weegy: You have to leave it on the expert tab. I probably get 2 or so an hour, sometimes more. User: hmm that's what i've been doing. i'll just keep trying then. thanks for your help! :) Weegy: what is your email, i wouldn't mind keeping in touch to share progress, there really isn't a place on here to talk to other experts. User: same, it would be great if they could set up something so new experts could talk to the seasoned ones and stuff. could i give you my AIM instead? i'm not too keen on passing my email around, sorry Weegy: sure User: homesliice73 (yes 2 "i"s...apparently 1 "i" was taken when i made that screen name in middle school ha) Weegy: got it, i'll be in touch (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 5/12/2009 8:11:20 PM
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Which was not characteristic beat movement? beatniks Jack ...
Weegy: Individuality was not a characteristic of beat movement. User: Who labeled the idealistic youth of the ...
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For which of the following would not expect to pay an excise ...
Weegy: For firearms, a person is not expected to pay an excise tax. The answer is B. User: Which of the following is ...
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Which value is equivalent to 4.5% written as a decimal?
Weegy: .10
2/10/2016 8:59:01 AM| 2 Answers
also called the “Big Stick Policy”
2/10/2016 9:12:06 AM| 2 Answers
What is the reciprocal of 6/5? A. 1 B. 5/6 C. 1 1/5 D. 12/10
Weegy: What is the reciprocal of 6/5? 1
2/10/2016 9:24:14 AM| 2 Answers
evaluate 3^0
Weegy: 0! + 1! = 2 1 + 1 = 2 User: evaluate (4+3)^0
2/10/2016 10:39:41 AM| 2 Answers
Software refers to the physical parts of a computer. True False
Weegy: What is false? Do you have a question for Weegy?
2/10/2016 12:56:35 PM| 2 Answers
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