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Q: what elements of mcdonaldization do you see in colleges?
A: I will first discuss Mcdonaldization and later follow it with Hyperrationality. Ritzer came to grips with the idea when he first saw Mcdonald’s as a college freshmen. [ He also discussed how the two “golden arches” had an overwhelmingly big effect on him and how when he first ate there he wasn’t too impressed with the dish. Ritzer had a good idea of Mcdonaldization because he we born before one
was even built, and saw the changes of it throughout his life. Ritzer came with the term of Mcdonaldization and its sweeping affect on how it has changed society as a whole through the years. Mcdonald’s foods’ took over home-cooked meals and the ethnic restaurants abroad. Mcdonaldization not only took America by storm, but also many other countries such as, Russia, China, and even Paris. Mcdonaldization has expanded greatly and can even be seen, on airplanes, in high school and college campuses, as well as on military bases. USA Today even has a section of its paper titled, “Mcpaper.” Ritzer said that Mcdonaldization was influenced by and broke it mainly down by eff Ritzer, however, found much irrationality in the bureaucratic system of operation. When a person wants Mcdonald"tms they expect it to be the same and tasty all the time. Hyperrationality was what gave us a clear sense as to why the Japanese industries maintained success. Ritzer last discussed the irrationality of rationality and how rationalization has resulted from the increases in everything I stated above. It is used in the ideas of bettering things as a whole. In discussing predictability he discussed how rationality plays a factor. They wouldn"tmt want to expect any surprises leaving it predictable. Ritzer gave example of how nowadays you make your own drinks, put your own condiments, and do much of the work yourself. Substantive rationality was the thing that guided people in their daily lives, mainly in hteir choice of means to ends. He also said how when there is a great deal of quantity there is an absence of quality. He also discussed the control of the substitution of nonhuman for human technology as well as the irrationality of rationality. ]
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Asked 6/29/2011 5:00:43 PM
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