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Q: What are the three most useful features of the OLS classroom to you as a student? Describe each OLS feature, explain how you use it, and explain its advantages.
A: The three most useful features of OSL are: 1)OSL Teaching and Learning Tool, 2)OSL Diagnostic and Reporting tool, and 3) OSL Student Hub. [ The OSL Teaching and Learning Tool supports the classrooms of today and into the future by allowing the whole school community to be far more engaged in what is happening in the classroom. It is the virtual learning environment, the place where students and
teachers (and parents) come together to construct and participate in learning activities. The OSL Diagnostics and Reporting Tool allows the interrogation and analysis of data and delivers a full range of capabilities, including interactive dashboards, full ad hoc queries, proactive intelligence and alerts, detailed and summarized reporting, real time predictive intelligence, disconnected analytics, and more. The OSL Diagnostics and Reporting Tool provides a complete and relevant insight for everyone involved in the teaching and learning process and that, in turn, results in better decisions, informed actions, and more effective teaching. It enables predictive/ heuristic diagnoses so that early interventions can be taken, preventing problems before they occur. The OSL Student Hub sets Oracle’s student learning environment apart from other solutions by managing information and knowledge about the student holistically over time. The OSL Student Hub has been specifically tailored to the K-12 education sector. It transforms the way student information is managed by recognizing that the student is central to their educational experience. The OSL Student Hub is the means by which knowledge can be harnessed and linked to each learner. This data driven design is entirely unique to OSL; other categories of software (such as Learning Management Systems) are dependent upon, and driven by, function-features. The OSL Student Hub incorporates all the elements associated with the student (information, knowledge, interactions and relationships) and references these elements as the student, teacher and parent interact. ]
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Asked 7/22/2010 9:01:43 PM
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