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how many years does a coffee tree produce its first full crop
The answer is 5 years.
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User: how many years does a coffee tree produce its first full crop

Weegy: The answer is 5 years.
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User: angora wool comes from the pelt of which type of animal

Weegy: Angora wool is an extraordinarily soft knitting fiber produced from the fur of the angora rabbit. It can only be spun from the hair of angora rabbits, while the product of angora goats is called mohair. [ Angora fiber has a very soft, silky texture and is usually 10 to 13 microns thick. The fibers are also hollow, which gives them loft and a characteristic floating feel. In addition, angora fibers are very short, which can effect stitch density when the knitter is using angora wool with a high percentage of angora. ]
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User: which sport uses a black disc made of vulcanized rubber

Weegy: Official NHL Hockey puck made of vulcanized rubber. Hockey puck is colored black to give contrast to the color of ice, which is white.
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Asked 7/21/2011 9:11:12 AM
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