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explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity
Effective practice in relation to Inclusive Practice: All practitioners must promote equality of opportunity and a positive attitude to diversity, whether or not there is a diverse population locally, [ and even if the school or setting caters for a particular religious community. Independent faith schools and settings must consider how to encourage children to acquire respect for their own and
other cultures in a way that promotes understanding and community cohesion, in accordance with the Education Regulations for Independent Schools. Practitioners should be aware that all children have different experiences, interests, skills and knowledge which affect their ability to develop and learn. Providers have obligations under legislation, including the amended Race Relations Act and the Disability Discrimination Act, and should ensure that practitioners are aware of the implications of these obligations. Race Relations legislation makes it a duty to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination [and to], promote equality and promote good relations between people of different racial groups. Disability Discrimination legislation expresses a duty not to treat disabled children ‘less favourably’ than others and to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to include them. The SEN Code of Practice expresses inclusion as an expectation that practitioners and settings will extend the concept of ‘individualised learning’ and provide any additional help needed to include and support individual children with special educational needs, using a graduated approach at Early Years Action or Early Years Action Plus (DfES 2001). Practitioners should plan to meet the needs of both boys and girls, children with special educational needs, children who are more able, children with disabilities, children with complex health needs, children from all social, family, cultural and religious backgrounds, looked-after children, children of all ethnic groups including traveller communities, refugees and asylum seekers, and children from diverse linguistic backgrounds. ]
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