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Describe the roles and responsibilities of the different organisations that may be involved when a child or young person has been abused or harmed.
At a strategic level, agencies and professionals work in partnership with each other, service users and members of the local community, in accordance with their agreed ACPC (or its successor, [ the Local Safeguarding Children Board) annual business plan. 2. Agencies develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of policies, procedures and practices for safeguarding and promoting the welfare
of children and young people including those concerned with the recruitment and management of staff. 3. Where there are concerns about a child's welfare, an assessment is undertaken in accordance with the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need (1) and their Families and plans are made, implemented and reviewed which result in each child achieving their optimal outcomes. Children and families are actively involved in these processes unless this would result in harm to the child. 4. All staff are alert to the increased likelihood of harm being suffered by disabled children, or by those children who are living in special circumstances, whose needs may not be recognised by staff in statutory agencies and who, therefore, are 'invisible' to the system. 5. A broad range of integrated, evidence-based services are available to prevent children and young people from being harmed, safeguarding those who are likely to suffer significant harm, and address the needs of those children who have suffered harm, at the same time, providing support to their parents/carers. 6. Agencies provide staff working with children, young people and families with supervision and with support to enable them to manage the stresses inherent in this work, implement systems which quality assure the services they provide or commission, and ensure their staff use effective systems to record their work with children and families. 7. Staff (at all levels) understand their roles and responsibilities regarding safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and are appropriately trained to undertake these effectively. 8. ]
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