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Q: Discuss the three common methods of estimating bad debt expense using the allowance method. Which method do you think is the most reliable
A: Most popular commercial software for home and business use is extremely shoddy in design and construction -- difficult to use, unreliable, and uneconomical in its use of resources. [ [ [ Why are the standards of software quality so low? Are there any prospects for change? Signs of bad software The worst characteristics of popular commercial software are that each package is frighteningly
complicated; that it breaks (crashing or behaving in nonsensical and inconvenient ways) when it exhausts some resource or when the user tries to do something that the programmer did not foresee; that its components are incoherent and even inconsistent; and that its behavior changes over time, depending on some obscure or invisible variable. Complexity No one uses the full power of a large software system. Most people want software to do a small number of things perfectly and efficiently, whereas most commercial software is designed to do many different things awkwardly. Why the mismatch? Partly because different people want to do different things, so the market for a complicated software system is broader; partly because the maker can charge more for complicated software, even though it doesn't meet consumers' needs as well. Fragility Most software breaks easily (and behaves badly when it breaks -- but that's another problem). Why? Basically, because the makers think that it's too much trouble (``not cost-effective'') to make it more robust. Once they have your money, they're not much worried about your trouble and the ensuing costs to you of coping with the problem. A typical example: When a computer program needs to store some information, it attempts to reserve some space for that information in the computer's memory. Usually, this is unproblematical, but sometimes the computer is already remembering as much as it can and has no more space available, so the attempt to reserve space fails. If you or I were designing the program, it would not proceed until some steps had been taken to clear enough room in the computer's memory for the information we want to store. ] ]
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Asked 10/29/2011 11:35:46 AM
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