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Q: Describe current parole and mandatory release policies.
A: Virginia Code § 53.1-159 - Mandatory release on parole- Every person who is sentenced and committed under the laws of theCommonwealth to the Department of Corrections or as provided for in 19.2-308.1, [ 53.1-152 or 53.1-153 shall be released on parole by theVirginia Parole Board six months prior to his date of final release. Eachperson so sentenced or committed, however, shall serve a minimum of
threemonths of his sentence prior to such a release. Persons who are so releasedon parole shall be subject to a minimum of six months' supervision and anadditional period of parole ending on the date upon which the parolee wouldhave served the maximum term of confinement, or any period the Boardotherwise deems appropriate in accordance with 53.1-156. Such persons shallalso be subject, for the entire period of parole fixed by the Board, to suchterms and conditions prescribed by the Board in accordance with 53.1-157. ]
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Prisoner Rehabilitation - to reform the prisoners from committing crimes and assisting them in starting normal lives without any criminal activities.

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