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Rutherford's experiment showed that subatomic particles a. are the same size and shape as the atom. b. don't take up most of the space in an atom. c. all have similar sizes and
characteristics. d. do not influence the behavior of an atom.
The "gold foil" experiment, what Rutherford referred to as the "alpha-scattering experiments", showed that atoms contain a small, dense, positively charged nucleus, [ and that atoms are mostly empty space.The "gold-foil" experiments showed absolutely nothing about any subatomic particles since only the electron was known in 1911 when the decisive paper on the nucleus was published. It was not
till 1919 that Rutherford conclusively determined that nuclei contained protons, and it was not until 1932 that the neutron was confirmed by Chadwick. Therefore, your question makes no sense, or is intended for you to answer "nothing". We now know some properties of protons and neutrons, like their mass and charge, but these were determined after 1911 and after the publication of the results of the alpha-scattering experiments. Therefore the only things we know as a result of the alpha scattering experiment are that an atom must be mostly empty space because most of the alpha particles went through undeflected, and that there is a tiny nucleus which contains almost all of the mass of the atom, and therefore must be extremely dense and have the same charge as an alpha particle. We know the charge on the nucleus (but not what it is composed of) because the only explanation for the deflection of the alpha particles comes from electrostatic repulsion. Therefore, the nucleus must have the same charge as the alpha particle. source ]
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