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Do mindless behavior have girfriends
yes,here is rumors that Mindless Behavior goes out with 3 girl groups, 2 from Maryland and 1 from Atlanta... OMG Girlz - Roc is dating Star, [ Prod is dating Beauty and Prince is dating babydoll. Triple Take(Dance group from Baltimore) - Meme goes with Ray Ray, Shay goes with Princeton and Tray goes with Prodigy. Daszle(Singing group from Baltimore) - Jewel goes with Ray Ray, Rhinestone goes
with Princeton and Diamond goes with Prod. IDK if these are true, but its sad :( they are single :) Note: There are comments associated with this question. See the discussion page to add to the conversation. Study ACCA,Get MBA Funded ACCA, CIMA Diplomas, MBA + ACCA Free Pass First Time Guarantee NYUB on NYUB brings you carefully curated independent music via Soundcloud MMT eMBA Return on Innovation DTU Executive School of Business Ads Improve Answer Discuss the question "Do mindless behavior have girlfriends?" Click here to register and follow this question for new edits. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter First answer by ID2922983949. Last edit by LadyBugLove. Contributor trust: 0 [recommend contributor]. Question popularity: 3 [recommend question]. Can you answer these musical groups and singers questions? Answer this question! What is worth more than platinum? Answer this question! What is a musicologist? Answer this question! How does Andy Sixx write his lyrics? Answer this question! Does Lil romeo have any sisters? Related answers: Does mindless behavior have girlfriends? Does princetone have a girlfriend from mindless behavior? yes he does her name is Maya Does prodigy of mindless behavior have a girlfriend? yea you can find her on facebook her name is kayla johnson Who is prodigy girlfriend from mindless behavior? Prodigy's girlfriend is from his hometown philidelphia.Her name is Joy. Does prodigy from mindless behavior have a girlfriend? Related ads: Full Time MBA Program Partners of ESMT: 25 of Germany’s leading companies. ]
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Asked 6/1/2011 2:31:47 PM
Updated 8/27/2011 3:25:12 PM
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r these real ppl cuz i dont believe they would tel da world.i hurd roc goes out wit this girl named alissa which i dont believe and prod goes out wit sophia wich i dont believe
Added 6/24/2011 4:03:55 PM
i dont beleve thye would tel sumone if they would b goin out wit sumone i think they would just keep it wit eachother unless ur there cuzzin or somethin i would beleve u and roc goes out wit this girl named allisa and prods girl sophia very strange i thought they werent kreepin
Added 6/24/2011 4:06:31 PM
Thank you for saying that. That is so true
Added 7/27/2011 12:29:48 AM
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do any of them have girlfriends 4 real some people came on here 2 find out the truth
Added 8/27/2011 3:25:12 PM
why do didnt get no girlfriend...... my cousin likes prodigy and i like all of you guys.
Added 6/13/2011 8:36:22 AM
Added 8/8/2011 12:19:35 PM
Added 8/27/2011 3:23:51 PM
yes, that's right. Sometimes we don't need to think too much about how to chase a girl.
Added 6/15/2011 3:44:05 AM
Added 6/11/2011 9:30:51 PM
they are so cute is cute but prodigy,roc royal, pricenton ray ray look like a mokey to me but not all the time all of u guys r my favorite fans ever dont for get that ok i love u guys much text me back pretty boys.
Added 6/13/2011 8:42:13 AM
hey how r u
Added 6/13/2011 8:42:48 AM
Yes the Mindless Boys will have a Girlfriend for a While. But She will Wise UP and Leave Him for the Better. Time for All the Mindless Dudes to Act Better Starting Now and make Sense When He Speaks to Her. So She can Dig His Rap.
Added 6/14/2011 5:24:59 PM
im glad nun of them have girlfriends o wait prod and ray have girl friends its e and my sis
Added 6/5/2011 5:07:06 PM
roc got a girl 2 its my friend i hooked em up
Added 6/5/2011 5:08:24 PM
yes all of them have girlfriends...prodigy goes wit @tyquassia kute hollis lok ha up on fb an ray ray goes wit @jasmine jackson look ha up no face roc royal goes wit @johntaivia carey look ha up on facebk an princeton goes with @lynardiayellowtoesdiivia look ha up on fce bk an all of em go wit mi frna i got prodigy!!!!
Added 6/11/2011 9:30:35 PM
Mindless behavior don't like of y'all hookers thwey don't even kniw y'all exzist they like superstars named willow keke demi they don't like none of y'all girls so back off beforwe them stars go gangsta on y'all tramps
Added 6/11/2011 9:10:17 PM
Mindless behavior dnt have time for girlfriends rite now bcz of the tour closer to my dreams.they have a busy life at this time n they will probablly date the famous girls lyk justin bieber did.he said hell date a fan but everybody noez thts not gonna happen but not tryn to bash on justin,cuz i love him to but yea
Added 7/14/2011 9:55:29 AM
No they don't... I think... Well I don't think so mainly because they have lives and tours and is over busy. Then if it was possible for them to have gfs they wouldn't go with these girls... NOT because I'm "jealous" or think they're ugly... but they are beautiful young ladies, it's just in the lime-light you never know who's out there for what you are on the inside or what you have on the outside. And basically... these girls aren't on the same celeb ranking as them. And plus everyone knows with that huge distance between them... IT SUCKS! lol And if they do... O WELL, because eventually they'll break up and they're going to be looking for better and more real girls. But you'll never know when they'll do it, so I'd always keep my head up and stay confident. Cuz you might have a chance
Added 7/25/2011 9:51:29 PM
princeton betta not have a girlfriend he aint meet meh yet it aint fair i want a shot at him.....
Added 8/11/2011 9:01:12 PM
Forget they girl friends them bitches don't even like them they want them for they $money
Added 8/12/2011 4:03:34 AM
This is janaysha and i like the mindless behavior i like ROC ROYAL and my favorite color is black
Added 8/13/2011 1:08:54 PM
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