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Q: What tips for creating a study environment might be most effective for you? and What might you do to create that study environment for yourself?
A: Creating a good study environment allows you to maximize you learning efficiency. [ When combined with effective time management, high motivation, good reading and note taking skills, and systematic test preparation, a good study environment serves as a catalyst for productive effort. A good study environment is a highly individualized matter. What?s right for you may not be right for a friend
or roommate. As much as possible, you should designate a special place to study. This place should be uncluttered and should provide few distractions to allow for maximum concentration. Needless to say, some study tasks, must be done elsewhere, but having a regular "home base" that you associate with studying helps to reinforce your self-discipline. It also provides a place where essential materials can be stored. There are three primary considerations in creating your study environment: a. Your most effective and efficient learning style b. The nature of the learning task c. The availability of learning resources Learning style In determining your learning style, pay attention to your senses. Eliminate things in your environment that interfere with your concentration, and utilize your senses to accommodate learning. Consider the following: Hearing: What level and what kind of noise can you tolerate? Do you work best in total silence or with a low to moderate noise level? You may be able to concentrate rather well with a jack hammer right outside your window, but a leaky faucet may be intolerable! As a general rule, quieter is better, but listen and decide for yourself. Sight: Adequate lighting is a must, and the direction and intensity of the lighting are important factors. Poor lighting is a chief cause of eyestrain and headaches among college students, and improper lighting also leads to fatigue. Coverage of study materials should be even with no shadows or glare. Shielded full-spectrum fluorescents may cause you to be calmer, steadier, and less easily distracted. ]
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Asked 11/29/2011 9:01:55 AM
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