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• What is the relationship between exponents and logarithms? How would you distinguish between the two, using both a graph and a sequence?
Exponents An exponent signifies the number of times the base number is multiplied by itself (squared, cubed, etc.). [ Exponential numbers tend to be really large, or very small if the exponents are negative. Logarithms Logarithms are a measure of the order of magnitude of a number, the value of the exponent that would be required to express it. Logarithms never get exorbitantly large, so they
are useful for expressing in smaller numbers things that are extremely large or have a wide range. Relation Exponential and logarithm functions are the inverse of each other. They have a simple mathematical relationship: The exponentiation of a logarithm of a number and the logarithm of its exponential are both equal to the original number. Using Exponents Exponentials allow us to generate very large numbers like 10 to the ninth bytes of data (a Gigabyte). Using Logarithms Logarithmic scales are used for earthquake magnitudes and the loudness of sounds. It is much simpler to refer to three steps on the Richter scale than a thousandfold increase in forces. References ]
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Asked 7/30/2011 1:18:43 PM
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