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Your guinea pig's body is saying, "time to get rid of this old, thick winter coat and re-grow a beautiful, thin new summer coat so that I don't get too warm." My two babies are uncontrollable before summer and before winter. Whenever the weather takes a turn, you can expect you guinea pig to shed.
Brush him everyday, and think about giving him a bath, (just one). I give my piggies two baths a year, one at the peak of each shedding time. Brushing an bathing helps get that loose hair out. Most guinea pigs love being brushed.

If this is your first guinea pig, you're probably not used to how much a large guinea pig poops. As your baby boy grows, so will his appetite, and consequently how much comes back out. Young guinea pigs tend to have squishier poop, and if he steps in it before it dries, it can get pretty messy. Look into litter box training, guinea pigs catch on pretty quick. Some great guides can be found online.
Added 4/11/2012 11:59:38 PM

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