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explain the reasons why childrens development may not follow the expected pattern
There are a number of factors that affect the growth and development of children and young people. [ Children and young people are influenced by physical factors, environmental factors, social and emotional factors, economical factors. Social and Emotional: Family is a big influence in a child’s development. Parents have a big role by providing care and guidance for their development
.Unfortunately some families cannot promoting the development of child because of the conflict among the parents. Many times a single parent has difficulties in boosting a better development in children and young people. Environmental factors: if a child’s house is maintained in a proper way it negatively affects their developments. If a house does not have proper heating condition and has dampness, it may cause illness to child, like, respiratory illness, bronchitis, eczema. Parents having low income tend to live in poor neighborhood with not enough space to live and not easy access to shops. Such parents have stress in their life that is why they cannot promote a better development in children and young people's . Physical factors: Diet an important factor in boosting good development in children and young people. Results shows that taking good nutritious food contributes to better achievements in their life. Research found that emotional development is influenced and supported by balance diet. We would be good having a good supplements of vitamins through food .Families have low income cannot promote a good nutritious diet for children and young people. At times chronic illness affects their development. Some conditions even affect the motor skill development. Asthma affects lungs, they cannot breath properly. They are allergic to dust or pollen. Hope this helps. ]
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