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User: how can humans prevent or cause weathering?

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ttcany|Points 957|

User: how can humans prevent weathering?

Weegy: i'm sorry for the other expert.. whats your question?
blackstarform|Points 899|

User: how can humans prevent weathering?

Weegy: i'm sorry for the other expert.. whats your question?
blackstarform|Points 899|

User: how can humans cause weathering?

Weegy: Okay, so the question is how can humans cause weathering yeah?
Expert answered|daddy_ryan|Points 379|

Asked 9/20/2010 12:49:35 AM
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can you help me in science homework?
Weegy: What kind of question do you have concerning your homework? User: how can people cause weathering? Weegy: i'm sorry for the other expert.. whats your question? User: how can people cause weathering? Weegy: i'm sorry for the other expert.. whats your question? User: why are you asking me these ? Weegy: I'm sorry, but I dont understand the question. Can you rephrase it please? User: I HATE YOU! Weegy: why User: because (More)
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Updated 9/20/2010 6:47:57 AM
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Just guessing that polution and poor famings techniques may be cause of human weathering.
Added 9/20/2010 6:47:57 AM
My homework..
Weegy: What kind of question do you have concerning your homework? User: How can people prevent and cause weathering? Weegy: i'm sorry for the other expert.. whats your question? User: nevermind Weegy: They transferred you to me. Do you still want some help? User: yes! please Weegy: I'll give it my best shot. What's your question? User: how can humans cause weathering? Weegy: Weathering? Weathering means the mechanical or chemical erosion of rocks due to weather. Is that what you're referring to? User: yes. Weegy: Okay, well, weathering is usually a natural process, but human activity can do it as well. There are 2 types of weathering--mechanical and physical. [ Humans add to mechanical weathering every time they change the surface of the ground by removing soil and rock, building roads, clearing rivers, making dams, and doing all types of construction. Chemical weathering by humans is mostly caused by pollution. Burning fossil fuels adds to the acidity of air and water, changing weathering patterns and speeds. Many chemicals dumped on the ground and in rivers also add to weathering. ] User: ok 1 more question. Is thats okay with you? Weegy: Sure! I'm ready. :) User: how can humans PREVENT weathering? Weegy: Stone can weather and corrode over years of exposure to the elements. That can be prevented with the addition of a stone sealer, allowing weathering to occur only to the sealer on the stone's surface. [ The sealer can be scrubbed or power-washed away, revealing the stone, which should look as good as new. Then the sealer can be reapplied, and the process can start all over again. So humans can prevent weathering by protecting the surface with some kind of coating or sealant, including paint. ] User: how does thats occur to humans to prevent weathering? Weegy: Humans want to prevent weathering to preserve both the look and the integrity of surfaces, such as wooden decks and stone patios, for example. [ If they don't prevent the ... (More)
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Asked 9/20/2010 1:00:09 AM
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what is a stone sealer? User: could you put ramkitten on instead?
Weegy: what is your question? (More)
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Updated 273 days ago|12/5/2014 5:18:06 AM
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Added 9/20/2010 2:30:32 AM
A stone sealer is a type of coating which is applied to products constructed of natural stone to retard staining and corrosion .

Added 273 days ago|12/5/2014 5:18:06 AM
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get ram kitten on plese
Weegy: That's me! Can I help you with something? User: what is a stone sealer? i don't really understand this word. Weegy: A stone sealer is a commercially sold product that you can apply to the surface with a brush (like a paint brush). It repels water. Same with a sealer you can "paint" onto wood, to keep the water out and prevent the wood from rotting. [ Basically, a sealant (or what I'm calling a sealer) is a kind of material that is used to form a hard or protective coating on a porous surface or a hard surface that can be weathered. ] (More)
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Asked 9/20/2010 1:22:34 AM
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oh, so can you answer how humans prevent weathering?
Weegy: humans can plant more trees to keep plants in place! User: haha! that makes sense Weegy: Yeah, that's the most simple way you can do User: Do you know who JUstin Bieber is? Weegy: He is well known now because he sings well. User: Do you like his songs? Weegy: absolutely YES User: poeple in my class people don't like him. I wonder why Weegy: i don't know the reason why. but i still love his songs User: haha. me to !!!! Weegy: yes, and he is also good looking guy User: haha. wow. i have one obsseded friend that knows when he was born. where and what time he was born! crazy right?! Weegy: yeah, that was cool. User: whats your favorite song from him? Weegy: almost all of his songs. but i love baby User: i praticly love all of his song, but if my friends knew they would make fun of me cuz they are saying he is "gay" Weegy: of course not, he's not a gay. User: no he is not right!! but i bet deep down inside my friends love him :) Weegy: hahaha, that's right User: i'm currently on a island on guam, and sometimes I wonder if he is ever coming for a concert Weegy: oh, hopefully he would.. you would surely love it User: Yeah i would! one thing is that i've never been to a concert Weegy: me too.. and hopefully i could watch one, especially justin's User: just be hopeful, but i'm not living in the states so Its maybe hard for him to travle on a plane Weegy: yeah, but we never know User: I wonder what inspired his songs. Its mostly bout' love. (he must be desprite! just sayin') Weegy: maybe yes :-) User: just for you to know that im not philiphino like on guam Im japanesse american so yeah Weegy: oh i see. im a filipino. User: wait Weegy: ok User: could you tell me the meaning of chemical weathering in your own words? Weegy: hmm, i think chemical weathering is the process in which rocks are decomposed, dissolved or loosened by chemical processes to form residual materials User: can you explain mechanical ... (More)
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Updated 9/20/2010 6:37:26 AM
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You can send Justin a fan letter at:

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Added 9/20/2010 6:28:53 AM
Added 9/20/2010 6:37:26 AM
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