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Q: What is your opinion of health care delivery in the United States? Is it adequate? How can health care delivery be improved in the United States? Consider private and public health delivery
A: Yes, I do think it's adequate. People who complain should move to Africa for a year and see what happens when you get sick there. Of course there is room for improvement. There should be a 'Wellness trust'. [ The Wellness Trust would: – Deliver prevention outside of the bounds of the health system by paying for services wherever they are delivered, in pharmacies or supermarkets, workplaces
or senior centers. – Use its pooled financing to create incentives for providers, employers, schools and individuals to prioritize prevention. – Operate independently like Social Security, with expert Trustees. ]
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Asked 10/11/2011 7:41:24 AM
Updated 12/11/2012 2:04:48 AM
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Your weegy expert opinion of health care delivery in the United States is plain and simple , If you can afford to pay for your own care, the US system is the best in the world. However if you're a middle-class healthcare consumer, you wouldn't like this system. Those who have health insurance pay 70% more for it today than when GW Bush came to office, and it was considered a crisis -then-. A growing number of Americans can't get access to health care at all. The solution most Americans want is a 'Canadian style single-payer' plan. This means that hospitals and clinics and doctors remain private and the govt. handles the insurance, and everyone is insured, included in the same big pool. If expanded Medicare to include everyone it will save tens of billions of dollars a year in the US. Medicare has a 1% overhead while private insurance has 20-30%.
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