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What organizational method works best with the rhetorical mode, definition?
"Rhetorical devices" are not state of the art technology you might put on an electric car. Rhetoric is a study of useful arguments. [ [ I find the study interesting. [ It was once part of the very basis of education and along with reading and writing it was the "3ed R." Later this was replaced with "arithmetic" and all 3Rs became absorbed under the notion of effective communication.
(However, I think that there is value to the separation and overlapping study.) Today some of the study of rhetoric may still be found in the areas of marketing and advertising. We are bombarded with this constantly but our education too often has not given us the tools to understand the rhetoric involved. Here you might see an example of rhetoric in my search for a company name: I start off with an approval of 3 existing company names. Here are some lists of rhetorical devices: But the study of rhetoric is more than just rhetoric devices. It requires an understanding of your listeners and their mood. Often rhetoric involves a current event and a history. If your listeners are general society then it is all of popular culture that you must hold in your hands. ] ] ]
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