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outline what is meant by agreed ways of working
* They set up the caring task by making clear that the context is'medical’ rather than social or sexual. * They use their uniform as ‘a barrier’. * They put on a deliberately matter-of-fact manner. * They protect the person's [ privacy by sending other people away or drawing curtains. * They say things which minimise the awkwardness like ‘Oh, it isn't much’, ‘It isn't that
bad’, or ‘It could have happened to anyone’. * They change the style, volume and tone of their conversation tocreate a private atmosphere. source: ]
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explain the importance of full and up-to-date details of agreed ways of working
Weegy: Without a job description how would you apply for a job, both you and your employer need to know the perimeters that you will work to to be able to determine: the responsibility; the type and class of work you will do and pay scales. [ Unions will always never agree to working conditions that are not safe or health and safety valued,, however, the employer has a right to expect that when you are working in a firm that your time is productive so implementing ways of working by the use of 'Time and Motion' studies is not regarded as being taboo. That is why it is essential that there is communication between employer and employee or the employee's representative, the Union. [smile] ] (More)
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