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Whta is my name?
Weegy: assisting or intended to assist memory User: what is my name? Weegy: Hi there, I don't know what your name could be, but it would be nice to know :) Any other question ? User: are you a real person? Weegy: Yes User: cool! Weegy: Cool is just the modern way of saying Okay. User: er, ok Weegy: Hello! Do you have a question today? User: yes, why was the archaeopteryx important in Skellig? Weegy: Archaeopteryx, the first bird, has feathers exactly identical to those of modern birds, hence it is closely related to them. It is linked to dinosaurs too, as shown by its nearly identical skeleton to that of small theropods. [ The main argument against a dino-bird link was the lack of clavicles in dinosaurs, but there now are dinosaurs known with a developed wishbone. ] User: have you ever met Danial Radcliff? Weegy: No, I have never met Daniel Radcliff. User: thankyou Weegy: No problem. User: :) ;) Weegy: Do you have any other questions for Weegy? (More)
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Asked 3/13/2011 8:04:36 AM
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Solve the equation X – 7 = 18
Weegy: -6 + 3x = -9 3x-6+6=-9+6 3x= -3 x= -1 User: Solve the inequality 2x – 5 > 7 Weegy: 5(2x + 1) User: 2x – ...
10/4/2015 9:11:23 AM| 3 Answers
An example of an almanac is
Weegy: An almanac is an annual publication that includes information such as weather forecasts, farmers' planting ...
10/4/2015 12:40:18 PM| 2 Answers
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