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whts up weegy
Weegy: How can I help you? User: i want detailed ans for what happens if friction vanishes User: wht Weegy: Hi! What is your question? User: need detailed ans for wht happens if friction vanishes Weegy: Objects leaning against walls - such as ladders - would fall down since they are held vertically by friction reactions at the base and top. Newton 3. Collisions between hard objects would be elastic. [ Think of a snooker table - balls would not be slowed down by the playing surface and would go a lot further. Without frictional forces, moving bodies could only be slowed by momentum transfer with other bodies. Immovable objects will block the paths of moving bodies. Changing direction of a moving body will require exertion of forces (e.g. rocket thrust motors) according to Newton 1. Friction is a molecular phenomenon when considering 'grip' of types on a road and people walking on a surface (impossible without friction). It might seem that you could live near a river and swim about but with no friction - the water molecules will not stick together (hydrogen bonding) and you will get nowhere. If water molecules do not stick together, they will not be drawn up a capillary tube so plants will not transpire and they will all die. ] (More)
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Asked 6/7/2011 4:01:59 AM
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