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How does organizational culture play a role in workplace psychology?
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User: How does organizational culture play a role in workplace psychology?

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Weegy: Industrial-Organizational Psychology Employee Selection or Personnel Recruitment and Selection ñ This is the area of Industrial-Organizational Psychology that originally forced the development of the field during the World War I. [ This pertains to the selection of qualified people to perform specific tasks according to a variety of measurement tools that measure aptitude, skills, personality and others. Personnel appraisal and management ñ This area of career development focuses on evaluating the job performance of employees in terms of time, quality of work and quantity of output. It essentially measures the worth of employees to their organization. Individual assessment ñ This is a rather broad field in I-O Psychology which deals with subjects like ability testing, knowledge testing, skills, testing, aptitude testing, and personality testing. Organizational Culture ñ This pertains to the common assumptions within an organization that define the appropriate behaviors for each type of situation. This studies cultures that exist in workplace environments along with subcultures (e.g. corporate culture, local culture, and departmental culture). Leadership ñ Leadership has evolved over the years as one of the key elements of the worth of any organization. This area is concerned in what personal characteristics, attitudes and abilities effective leaders have and what styles of supervision are most effective at producing results for any organization. This area is also interested in studying the kind of leadership that gets the most out of individual workers. Work motivation ñ Motivation is a subject that is common to all fields of Psychology. Particular attention is given to motivation as it relates to work in Industrial-Organizational Psychology as it often defines the variables that make one worker more efficient in his task than others. Job attitudes ñ This area includes sub-areas like job satisfaction, career commitment, organizational commitment, and others. ]
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Asked 10/13/2011 5:35:55 PM
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