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Q: How do Athlete use their critical thinking skills? Give specific examples of how critical thinking might be used in the daily life of each Athlete
A: How to Improve the Mental Part of the Game? As athletes perfect their abilities to play their chosen game they get to the point where the mental part of the game becomes the key part of the game that will determine whether they will just good or [ great. Certainly physical abilities are an important part of an athlete's succeeding, but the athlete's ability to think quickly, effectively and
decisively under the pressure of the game becomes more and more important as he moves into college and professional sports. Some athletes develop these thinking abilities and some don't and for the most part coaches and trainers don't why some do and some don't. Performing under extreme pressure is what is so crucial in competitive sports. The mental part of the game has been a black box and no one has effectively deciphered it until now. for more info visit the site ]
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Asked 10/16/2011 8:52:27 PM
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Because Reiko is Japanese, you assume she likes sushi. This is an example of (Points : 1) A self-talk. C stereotyping. B impression management C self-fulfilling prophecy.
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Because Reiko is Japanese, you assume she likes sushi. This is an example of C stereotyping.
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