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give me 10 examples of forces in our daily life
A force may be defined as an external cause, which changes the state of rest or of uniform motion of the body in a straight-line. When a force of some amount is applied on a body it begins to move. [ When we want to change the motion of the body, we have to apply some force on it. We see that force can change the state of the body and if the body is in rest, it comes to motion due its
application and if the body is in motion, it comes in the rest by the application of force. Here we discuss the role of the force in our daily life. Some Applications of Force in Everyday Life The use of force in our everyday life is very common. We use force to walk on the road, to lift the objects, to throw a cricket ball, or to move a given body by some particular speed or direction. We are very familiar with the various effects of force. We can exert pull and push. We must apply a push through something rigid, while pull can act through a non-rigid connector such as a rope or a string or a wire. Image of force in our everyday life Image of force in our everyday life Some Example of Forces There are so many example of force in our everyday life. Here we discuss some of the examples: * A bullock pulling a cart due to the force. * Two teams of the players are pulling the rope in the game of tug of war. * We can apply a pull while opening the door of our room. * We can apply a force while inserting a board pin on the notice board. * Pushing a wheelbarrow. * Pushing the earth forwards with a bulldozer. * Squeezing wet clothes to remove the water from the clothes. * Stretching the spring of the chest expander. * A glass rod rubbed with silk so that it attracts the tiny parts of the paper towards itself. It is the example of action at a distance force. ]
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