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summarise entitlement and provision for early years education
All three and four year old children are entitled to 15 hours of FREE Early Years (EY) Entitlement per week, [ across 38 weeks of the year. You can choose to take this Free EY Entitlement at any of the following registered ‘providers’: Pre-school playgroup Private day nursery Childminder (who belongs to a registered childminder network) Maintained nursery school Nursery or
reception class in a primary or independent school. Children will receive the Free EY Entitlement from the term after their third birthday. When can your child access a free place? Children will receive the free provision from the term after their third birthday as follows: A child born on or between can access a free place from 1 April and 31 August the beginning of the Autumn term 1 September and 31 December the beginning of the Spring term 1 January and 31 March the beginning of the Summer term How can the Free EY Entitlement be taken? The Free EY Entitlement can be taken flexibly within the following limits: The full 15 hours have to be taken over at least three days per week and a maximum of five days per week A minimum of 2.5 hours can be taken in one day A maximum of 10 hours can be taken in one day, but no more than 12.5 hours over two days. You can take the Free EY Entitlement at up to two providers. The basic offer is three hours over five days a week, or five hours over three days a week, but many providers will allow you to take the provision flexibly, in a pattern that meets your needs. ]
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External contributors can include School nurses, Youth workers, Community pharmacists, Specialist drug or alcohol services, Health promotion specialists, Young people services, the police, Theatre-in-education groups or Primary Care Trust Representatives. External contributors role could include support schools and work alongside teachers, assist in programme planning, supporting staff through training or team teaching, provide support for both parents and carers, provide classroom input or support pupils of the school who may need support, guidance or specialist help.
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