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How can you summarize your main points without sounding repetitive? How does the conclusion effectively summarize your paper? Explain your answer.
Weegy: It is very important to write an effective conclusion to an essay. It is this brief conclusive paragraph that will make the final impression on your reader. It is also your last chance to convince the reader. [ Sum up your feelings or argument being made in the essay. You may also very briefly summarize your main points. Do not, however, provide a detailed summary of the entire essay. There is no need to repeat yourself. This should be accomplished in one or two sentences. Draw a thoughtful conclusion from the points made in the essay. This should be relevant to the argument being made. It may be a suggestion how to overcome a problem, or it may be more of a general comment. Once again, this should only be one or two sentences. Those tips would be of great help. Do not make your conclusion too long for you have already laid the facts on the previous part of the essay. ] (More)
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Updated 1/14/2013 4:49:07 PM
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You can summarize your main points without sounding repetitive by summarizing the points in your writing in a more-persuasive way. Point out the information that proves how important each point is.
Never use the same wording that you used earlier in the writing.
Conclusion effectively summarize your paper in a way that using the conclusion to point to the future and highlight the ramifications if the points in your writing are not addressed.
Although you should not bring up any new points in the conclusion, you can offer new insights into each point to make your conclusion interesting.
Offer solutions to the problem that was addressed in your writing. Outline steps that the reader could take to begin to improve the issue. If you are writing about a book or film, suggest steps that the characters could take in the future to further remedy the situation. The problem in the book or film may be a reality in the reader’s life, so they would apply to him. Do not to word the solutions as commands. Word them as suggestions so the reader will not feel defensive and will therefore be more receptive.
Leave the reader with thought-provoking questions that relate to the topic. You could also refer to a quote or short story that ties in well with the body of the writing. End your writing in such a way that will keep the reader’s attention even after she has finished reading.

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