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. How is ORIF performed
An open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) refers to a surgical procedure to fix a severe bone fracture, or break. "Open reduction" means surgery is needed to realign the bone fracture into the normal position. [ "Internal fixation" refers to the steel rods, screws, or plates used to keep the bone fracture stable in order to heal the right way and to help prevent infection. Open reduction
internal fixation can also refer to the surgical repair of a joint, such as a hip or knee replacement. The surgical procedure is performed by a doctor who specializes in orthopedics, which is a branch of medicine concerning the musculoskeletal structure of the body. Under general anesthesia, an incision is made at the site of the break or injury, and the fracture is carefully re-aligned or the joint replaced. The hardware is installed, and the incision is closed with staples or stitches. The steel rods, screws, or plates can be permanent, or temporary and removed when healing takes place. Once the open reduction internal fixation is performed, a cast is usually applied. In the case of an ankle fracture, for instance, the first cast is a non-weight bearing cast, and crutches can be used to help keep weight off the healing bones. Later, when the healing has progressed, this cast will be replaced with one that can bear weight. Eventually, after a period of some weeks, the cast will be removed entirely. ]
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the medical procedure that describe a bone graft that include the skin and tissue that overlie the bone is,( free osteocutaneos flaps). I hope this can help.
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