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what type of education is required and or desired to work in the various setting in human services?
Volunteer to be a social worker's aide while you are still in high school. [ You need to have firsthand experience to discover what social work can entail. 2 Be aware that a bachelor's degree in social work (B.S.W.) is required for entry-level positions in the social work field. 3 Maintain a good grade point average throughout high school. Establish good
study habits for yourself. 4 Learn a second language in high school and continue to study it in college. 5 Ask your guidance counselor for a list of colleges in your preferred locations that offer social work programs. Make certain they are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. There are currently 430 B.S.W. accredited programs; each requires the student to receive at least 400 hours of supervised field experience. 6 Write for admissions information and applications well before your senior year in high school. 7 Look for paid internships during your college years. They can provide you with future references and perhaps open some doors to your career. 8 Plan on working toward a master's degree in social work (M.S.W.) if you would like a position of any responsibility, including case management. There are currently 130 M.S.W. accredited programs; each requires the student to receive 900 hours of supervised field experience. 9 Get licensing exam information for the state in which you live. After you receive your M.S.W., you must work under a licensed M.S.W. for two years before you can take the licensing exam. Antibody Humanization Composite Human Antibodies humanization service microsoft 70-169 exam help you pass test on first try pass guaranteed on 70-169 exam FL Real Estate School Online & CD-ROM FL. License Courses 24 Hour Support. Free Cram Course. FMG U.S. ]
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