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Does conducting academic research differ from general research? How? Provide an example.
Yes academic research is different from general research. Academic research requires that the sources of information be credible, whereas for general research we just need an answer. [ The sources used for academic research are often professors, textbooks, and essays, compared to general research usage of Google and websites like Wikipedia. •A specific example is my research on the
subject of critical thinking. I wish to gain respect as an expert so I make sure to search the articles or websites that are made by a professional, such as Dr. Enoch Hale, a presenter/contributer on the Critical website. He has a bachelor’s degree in intellectual and social history, a master’s degree in liberal arts and sciences, a secondary single subject credential in social science, and a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on critical thinking, teaching and learning. This site is born and raised by licensed professionals that either teach or work in the Social Science field. There are many websites that pop up when I type "critical thinking" in my browser. I could easily choose one of the top 3 that show on the screen as my source if I were just seeking a quick idea of what other people's opinions about critical thinking might be. This would be interseting to see what different types of people (ie: high school students, college students, average Joe etc) think critical thinking entails, however I would never base my research answers on a blog entry because it is common knowledge that blogs are not comprised of people that have a degree on the subject, nor do I know who they are other than by their witty screen names. Critical Thinking Foundation website : ]
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Asked 12/11/2011 9:18:57 PM
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