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Q: one of the qualifying factors for a third party payer to cover bariatric surgery is an extensive psychological examination, why is this necessary?
A: Bariatric surgery is more common in the United States due to the increasing rate of morbid obesity, advances in surgical techniques, [ and accessibility of the procedure.1,2 Based on the 1991 National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Panel recommendations3-5 and psychological and behavioral factors impacting obesity and weight loss in conventional programs, it has been widely believed
that a presurgical psychological evaluation is valuable to bariatric surgery candidates. While initial hopes were to determine a clear set of prognostic indicators serving to screen those who would not be successful,6,7 it is increasingly clear that this oversimplifies a more complex phenomenon.8,9 Recently, there has been a conceptual shift in the role of the preoperative psychological evaluation.10 In addition to identifying patients who may clearly be unsuitable for the procedure, the preoperative evaluation can be designed to identify risk factors and formulate treatment plans to improve postsurgical outcomes.8 This article provides a clinical-educational review of published data regarding the crucial elements of the preoperative psychological evaluation, highlighting key risk factors of prognostic value that may be used to improve patient outcomes. read more on specifics at; ]
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Asked 9/9/2011 8:41:02 PM
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