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Q: What are the roles of women and youth in peace building and conflict resolution in Niger delta crisis
A: The exploitative activities of the Nigerian state and oil multinational companies have impacted more on the women than any other group. They suffer from gross exploitation, loss of viable farmlands and water pollution. [ During military occupation of communities, the women suffer psychological, emotional and physical impacts. They are raped and maimed. They suffer as their sons get arrested and
killed; they also feel it most when their brothers, husbands and lovers are tortured, maimed and killed the military and armed police have brutalized and sacked whole communities, assaulting and beating them indiscriminately. The objective is to humiliate, intimidate and eliminate those who resist oil exploitation activities (Emen Okon, 2007). Okon argued further that women organizations and their protestations against oil politics are part of the history of the Niger Delta struggle. It seems there have been more protest actins undertaken by women in the Niger Delta because they are worst affected by environmental degradation and conflict than their male folks. On March 29 and 30, 1986 Bonny women shut down Shell?s operation. The women blocked the helipad with bodies in efforts to win the compensation that the communities demanded from Shell for destroying their environment and for eroding their livelihood structures. On January 4, 1999, Soldiers of the Nigeria state came by air and by water and raided Opia and Ikebiri communities in Delta state. Women and children were killed. The soldiers were contracted by Chevron Nigeria Limited (Donpedro and Naagbanton, 1999). Such cases of killings of unarmed women protesting against the destruction of their livelihood sources are common place in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The Restive Spirit of Boro? Perhaps only a few persons might have attached importance to Saro-Wiwa?s prophetic thoughts when he predicted from his detention cell before his death. Saro-Wiwa made it clear that the other oil communities who have been watching to see if MOSOP?s non-violent stand will draw Shell out its cocoon shall decide that force is what Shell wants. ]
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Asked 9/18/2011 2:11:08 AM
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