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s you progress through your career, you acquire many different skills from a broad range of experiences and training. [ [ [ Skills fall into a number of categories, and there are different ways to describe them. Here are some examples: Skill category Examples Using your hands Assembling things, operating machinery, repairing things Using your body Doing outdoor activities like camping,
being physically active, having muscular coordination as in gymnastics Using words Reading, writing, speaking, teaching Using your five senses Observing, inspecting, diagnosing Using numbers Counting, computing, record-keeping Using intuition Acting on gut reactions, anticipating future events, sizing up a situation or person Using analytical thinking or logic Researching, analysing, prioritising Using originality or creativity Imagining, inventing, designing, engineering Using helpfulness Having sensitivity to others' feelings, conveying warmth, drawing others out, motivating, guiding Using artistic abilities Fashioning or shaping things, composing, playing an instrument, painting, decorating, cooking Using leadership Initiating new projects, organising, directing, making decisions, taking risks Using follow through Using what others have developed, following through on plans or instructions, attending to details, filing, retrieving information What are your strongest skills? As you begin exploring developmental opportunities at your organisation, you'll need to know which skills they require. That way, you can decide to what extent these opportunities will allow you to do the following: use skills you already have in abundance prompt you to stretch skills that you possess to some degree but would like to strengthen require you to obtain entirely new skills some combination of the above. The first step, though, is to take stock of your existing skills, and to assess which ones are your strongest. ] ] ]
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