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There are two basic organizational methods for a compare and contrast essay,Do you think one is a stronger method or are they situational?
For me it is situational of course that would also depends on which format you are compatible either block or Point by Point Format. In writing Essay all you have to consider a topic that interests you and compels your imagination. [ [ Be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to researching and gathering information, with an eye to analyzing, interpreting and drawing conclusions that
are distinctly your own. Build your argument precisely and methodically in a way that makes your conclusion seem effortless. Revise. Revise and then revise again. Thats it. ] ]
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Comparison and contrast:Involves lining up related ideas for a detailed account of similarities and differences. It is situational, because in this kind of essay it is important to decide whether you will be concentrating on similarities or differences. In general, the more similar things are, the more you concentrate on the differences, and vice versa. If you are comparing two works by the same author, or two love poems, for example, what will most interest you will be the differences between them.
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